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£195 (including P&P within the UK - for international shipping contact us here)   


Released at the Yorkshire Garden Railway Show (September 2023), this locomotive kit is our interpretation of the 0-4-4-0T Ffestiniog Railway's, Double Fairlie locomotive, LITTLE WONDER built by George England in 1869.

eleased by Boot Lane Works in loving memory of a dear friend who was taken from us much too young.


The model comes complete with two power bogie kits (in either 32mm or 45mm gauge), is built from 3D printed filament & resin parts, laser-cut acrylic and utilises our adaption of the Binnie Engineering 29mm wheel, creating a practical driving wheelset.

It is supplied with two 3-6volt motors, nylon worm gears, Binnie Engineering 29mm wheels on 1/8" stainless steel axles, and all necessary metal stock, nuts, screws & washers required to build the model in the photos.

Also included in the kit is a micro slide switch (with a corresponding laser cut hole in the tank-top) and a selection of resin-printed detail parts.


We do recommend access to a small "bench vice" to build this kit.


Building instructions are included with the kit.


ETERNAL STAR comes complete with power bogies of your gauge choice - but are also available separately - HERE


Although not for beginners, the kit is reasonably easy to construct and requires basic tools, glue, paint and batteries to complete.

There is adequate room in the boiler & tanks for four “AA” batteries, a 3.7V Lipo battery, and a locoremote or other RC units.

If choosing locoremote, ask Chris Rennie for "The two motor output Mini B".
Batteries, Loco Remote or any electrics (except micro switch) are not included in the kit


Length (over buffers) - 394mm

Width (across cab) - 96mm

Height (from railhead to chimney top) - 116mm

Rigid Wheelbase – 72mm

Minimum radius - we have yet to experiment with the minimum radius.
However, it will comfortably negoceate Peco 32mm 30" curves, and 45mm 24" curves. It will probably go tighter than this!


Display model colours -
Halfords - Matt Black
Halfords - Fiat Legends Blue


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