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32 & 45mm Gauge

£110 (including P&P within the UK - for international shipping contact us here


Released on Boxing Day 2023, SPIRIT is inspired by the World War One Open Simplex, nicknamed “Tin Turtles”. This kit is easily adaptable to recreate various versions of the original, including that on the Ffestiniog Railway.

Almost entirely screw & nut construction, some parts require adhesive to complete and is built from 3D printed filament & resin parts, laser-cut acrylic with ample room under the skirt & hood for batteries & electronics if desired.
It comes complete with our new “No5 Power Chassis” which is in turn a development of the Sweetie chassis and utilises our adaption of the Binnie Engineering wheel to create a practical driving wheelset.

Supplied with a 3-6volt motor, nylon worm gears, Binnie Engineering 20mm wheels on 1/8" stainless steel axles, and all necessary metal stock, nuts, screws, etc. required to build the model in the photo.

Building instructions are included with the kit and although not for beginners, the kit is reasonably easy to construct and requires glue, paint, basic tools, and batteries.


Model Dimensions - 

Length (over buffers) - 172mm

Width (across cab-roof) - 108mm

Height (from railhead to roof-top) - 112mm


Rigid Wheelbase – 48mm


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