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£45 (including P&P within the UK - for international shipping contact us here)


A bit of freelance  fun and an accompanyinging 4-wheeler for our Sweetie tram, FUDGE.

Only available in 32mm.


The Clevedon is a two piece filament print - 
The Body
The Frames

The rest of the kit consists of printed axleboxes, brass bushes, stainless steel axles, Peter Binnie "24mm Curly Spoke Wheels", precut acrylic windows & roof piece.
The whole is held together with M2 screws (supplied). 


There is the barebones of an interior, ready for the builder to add their own flaire...


The Clevedon is a delicate model, probably not suited to the "rough and tumble" of the more rugged garden railway!


Building instructions are included with the kit.



Width - 76mm

Length - 180mm

Height - 125mm

Wheelbase - 64mm


The Clevedon

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